Online clothes retailers have been challenging the dominance of the high street for years now, and recent research from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) suggests that the challenge from cheap clothing websites is continuing to grow.

According to figures released by the BRC in early November, the Internet now accounts for 24% of clothing sales in the UK. On a broader level, the online sale of non-food products has grown by 12.1% year on year as of October, and now represents 18.3% of UK non-food sales.

Another report, by Verdict, has suggested that by the year 2018, one pound of every £7 spent in the UK will be through online shopping.

The news that online clothing sales now account for almost a quarter of the clothing retail market will come as little surprise to many  firms that offer cheap online clothes shopping. More consumers than ever are turning on to the benefits of online shopping. For many people it’s the convenience of shopping from home that makes websites a first choice for the latest fashions, while for others it’s the wider ranges of clothing designs and sizes that appeals.

Online retail prevents clothing sales slump

Something else that undoubtedly benefits online fashion retailers is the fact that they are effectively open 24/7, so customers can buy from them at any time of day or night. Consumers are also receptive to cheap clothing websites because they understand that the lower prices are made possible by reduced overheads rather than reduced quality.

Further figures from the BRC have also suggested that had it not been for online sales, clothing and footwear sales for the month of September would have declined due to a reduced demand for autumn clothing caused by unseasonably warm weather.

With the weather now on a downturn, and Christmas not far away, online fashion retailers can undoubtedly expect a surge in the sale of autumn/winter product lines in November.